Clutch Noise

Niagara (SE4-400)

Customer called to report clutch noise.  We provided on-site investigation and discovered noisy flywheel bearings.  We scheduled the exchange and upon disassembly, we discovered the clutch was in very bad condition.  The clutch was replaced along with the flywheel bearings and the machine is now operating trouble free.

This case underscores the importance of not only machine inspections, but also the annual inspection of clutch and brake units.


Photographic Record:

Removal of clutch unit Outer friction disc spline damage

Inner friction disc Worn spline teeth and crack in friction disc

Flywheel drive shaft with clutch removed Flywheel removed exposing damaged bearing diameter on quill

Quill removed from press Repaired quill installed

Closeup of repaired bearing diameter on quill Flywheel installed ready for the clutch unit

New clutch unit installed Test running prior to guard installation