Noisy Flywheel

Danly (SE4-400)

We discovered noisy flywheel bearings during the annual inspection of this machine.  We ordered the bearings, scheduled the exchange and carried of the exchange without incident.


Photographic Record:

Flywheel with clutch removed Outer flywheel bearing & quill

Outer flywheel bearing & quill (oil stains) Quill w/inner bearing

Inner flywheel bearing (worn) Outer flywheel bearing condition

Outer bearing (outer race) condition Inner bearing (outer race) condition

Bearing diameters in flywheel Bearing diameter condition

Flywheel Bearing diameter condition

Mechanical oil seal (slinger on back of flywheel) Flywheel – cleaned

New bearing race installed in flywheel New bearing race installed in flywheel

Checking bearing spacing (to determine inner spacer length) Flywheel back on the quill

Guard bolts replaced (all were missing) Clutch guard

Flywheel/belt guard Top of crown – cleaned