Completed Projects

Mechanical Repairs

  • Complete mechanical overhaul of large plate rolls
  • Mechanical overhaul of the transfer system on a 1500 ton transfer press
  • Extensive crown repair on a 1500 ton link drive press
  • Structural repair to crown walls on a 2300 ton link drive press
  • Crown structure reconstruction on 1250 ton press

Engineering Projects

  • Reverse engineering & replacement of transfer drive gear on 4800 ton transfer press
  • Engineering improvement modification of mechanical transfer cam and cam roller
  • Drive system conversion (DC to AC) on plate rolls
  • Won engineering approval for new cushion locking device for 4600 ton
  • CCFT press 350 ton NC cushion (project cancelled)

Rigging/Relocation Projects

  • Crown and inner slide replacement on a 2300 ton double action press
  • Relocation of 2700 ton two-slide transfer press