About Us

Our philosophy is very simple…we provide service.

After spending over 25 years in machinery and “We Provide OEM Services Without The OEM Pricing”manufacturing industry, we fully understand what manufacturing customers really want, dependable service.

Many companies claim they understand service. “Our Customers Are Our Best Sales People”However, true service is very demanding and with the pressures of modern manufacturing, many service companies simply fail to deliver.

We understand companies rely on their machinery to deliver the product necessary to stay competitive and profitable.  We also understand the responsibility to keep this equipment running rests squarely on shoulders of the maintenance associates who execute the task to the best of their ability.  It is our goal is to insure that your associates are successful in this endeavor.

We accomplish this though physical support, specialized training, emergency repairs, and equipment inspections.  Our desire is to develop partnerships with our customers.  This allows us to better understand each customer‘s unique needs and requirements.  It also allows us to customize a program based on these requirements and needs.  In the end everyone wins.

We strive to meet the demanding expectations of all our customers.

Truly, our best salespeople are our customers.



Bury Industrial provides solutions to machinery ” When you call us, it will be taken care of”issues that can cripple your manufacturing process.

Though our intense inspection programs, we can identify potential problem areas before they can impact your productivity.

When disaster does strike and productivity is impacted, we quickly react and dispatch resources to either take care of the issue or assist your personnel in the resolution of the issue.

When business conditions dictate changes or adjustments to your manufacturing process resulting in equipment needing to be added, removed, relocated, or modified to better fit the process, we can work with your engineering staff to develop timelines and schedules.  We can also provide turnkey service to carry out your required changes of provide supervision to work with your staff.

We are flexible enough to provide “tailor-made”services to meet all your requirements.